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There is a powerful application called “Cafe World Bonus Checker” in facebook which allows you to take full advantage of bonuses offered in cafe world publications such as: taste testing, chef’s special and medal bonusĀ  from your friends.

When you launch the application, CWBC fetches your friends’ cafe world publications from the last 12 hours. From this list CWBC will eliminate everything that does not give a bonus and then display the icon and the bonus associated with the link. You can also choose any bonus you want and filter others on the “Options” tab.

Cafe World Bonus Checker application
bonuses list

When you click a link and so get the reward, CWBC records that click and won’t show the associated notification anymore, it also instantly disappears from the displayed list. The tool will also automatically refresh and display new bonuses every 60 seconds. It is a decent “cheat” tool so don’t miss it.

What is your mind on cafe world bonus checker?

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