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Since the release of caterinng in Cafe world, there has been a lot of confusion with regards to how it works. Combine that with several bugs and other technical issues, and the lack of a source of complete information in one place, people are asking the same questions over and over.

Click here for individual order specifics.

Here it is. At least for the time being, a complete (as possible) compendium of what we know for catering. This will be updated as new information become available and feedback is always welcome.


Bug fixes and latest new updates regarding said fixes:
Temporary time and crew extension for Dinner order:…7&postcount=12


There are several missions involved in catering which require cafe owners to cook food for clients. Successful catering orders result in rewards ranging from cafe coins, and cafe points to unlocking new recipes, more orders, and even decorations.

How does Catering work:

Missions tell you what to serve/how many things to serve or even how many individual dishes to sell. For each of the missions, it is stated whether you need to serve, or sell your food for the mission to count. Serving food means that you have cooked it on your stove. Selling means you’ve sold plates off your counter. Requested items pertain to items you have asked your neighbors to send you. Completion of the assigned tasks gives you rewards based on your performance. 3 stars gives you more rewards than 2 etc.


Catering crews are made up of people who have decided to help you with your orders. Food they cook counts towards your order.

Here is where it gets a little (ok, a lot) confusing – I’ll make this example as simple and general as possible.

There are 2 roles in each crew: The leader and the helper(s).
First I’ll set a few criteria.

1) We will assume helpers are not filling their own orders.

2) We will assume that leaders are not helping out on other orders.

Those 2 criteria are the fundamental basics for how crews function and things can get a lot more complicated when leaders are helping others as well, and when helpers are filling their own orders (which in turn makes them leaders of their own crew)… I digress! HOWEVER the basic premise does not change.

The “leader” is the person requesting help; they have the order which needs to be filled and all the food they cook credits them and them only. The only way a “leader” will credit someone else is if they are also a “helper” for another crew.

Helpers role is to help fill the order for the “Leader”. Food they cook credits the “Leader’s” order.
You DON’T have to be on the order to be able to help. You don’t even need to have the catering truck mission finished at all.

Note: IF you have your own order to fill, consider yourself a “leader” who needs to recruit your own crew of “helpers”. This guide has already illustrated the interactions between those two roles.Leaders can also be helpers, this is where the nebulous nature of crews can get confusing. If food cooked by a helper is needed by both them, and the “leader” they are helping, both the helper and leader get equal credit.
Food cooked by the leader does not credit anyone that is helping them, but it will credit someone they are helping.

Note: You can JOIN as many crews as you want. However you as a leader only have a limited number of spaces available on your own crew. PICK YOUR CREWS WISELY – You have been warned

I hope that makes more sense…:S

Requesting people to your crew is the same as requesting gifts or parts for other items. You can only send one request per 24 hours. If you do not see their name on the list, its because you cannot gift to them.

For more details on how to strategize your crews, Dragonsi has put together a good explanation. Here

Redoing/Cancelling Missions:

“What if I don’t get three stars! Can I redo the order?” or “Can I cancel an order and start over?”
You can redo missions to upgrade your rewards should you not get 3 stars. Which is good news for those struggling with some of the more intensive orders. However, you cannot cancel an order to restart from scratch. You must complete the order completely first and then choose to redo it from the catering missions list.


“Can I ‘pre-cook’ food and still have it count?”
Yes. Cooked food is credited at the moment it is served from your stove. Meaning that you can cook 22 hour food before you start the order. As long as you don’t serve the food until after accepting the order, they will still count.

Spending Cafe Cash:

Using Cafe Cash for orders does not give you servings of food. It just gives you credit for completing that section of the order. Progress only counts towards your order; it will not count towards anyone you may be helping. (Citation required)

Joining Crews:

Joining a crew will not affect your current order. You can join a crew even if you have finished the order already, or if you haven’t even unlocked that order yet. Remember from the crews section, “helpers” by strict definition are only there to assist the “leader”. It is assumed that you are not cooking for yourself. IF YOU ARE cooking for yourself, you are a “leader” and a “helper”. Roles overlap to some extent in this case, but the basic rules for each don’t change. Information about how to volunteer for a crew is covered under ‘tracking progress’.

Tracking Progress:

“How do I see how much I still have to cook?” or “How do I track my crew leader’s progress?”
If you do not have catering unlocked at all, unfortunately there is no way to monitor progress.

As a crew leader – that question is simple. There is an icon with a % on it. Clicking that icon will bring up your catering order and on that page it displays ALL the information you need as well as how to request items for certain orders that require it.

As a crew helper – the process for tracking is similar to the leader’s. Below the order popup that may or may not appear when you click on the catering icon (or if you click on your catering truck) there is a window marked “Your Catering Orders”. It shows all of your current and past orders and their highest levels of completion as well as how long they took and who helped. Clicking on the tab marked “Help Friends” brings you to a submenu which has 2 tabs marked “Current Orders” and “You’re Helping With”. The first list shows orders your friends are currently on as well as their progress and how many people are helping them. You can also offer to help them with their orders.
The offer is to help of your own volition – please be courteous and actually DO SOME WORK.

The “You’re Helping With” tab shows orders you are currently assisting. Clicking on each person in the list will bring up their progress how much time has elapsed, and who is in their crew.

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