Cafe World Wonder World Items

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Cafe World Halloween items has arrived! Create some fantastic and frightful fun in your café! Check out all the new limited edition items and design your own haunted eatery now!

cafe world wonder world items

New stove and counter – Ten over Six Stove and Tea Cup Counter.

Ten over Six Stove Tea Cup Counter

New table and chair – Teapot Table and Tea Cup Chair.

Teapot Table Tea Cup Chair

New door – Tiny Rabbit Door.

Tiny Rabbit Door

New windows – Tea Cup Rack, Stained Glass Heart Window and Heart Candelabra.

Tea Cup Rack Stained Glass Heart Window Heart Candelabra

New floor and wall – Pink Checkered Floor and Checkered Wall.

Pink Checkered Floor Checkered Wall

New decors – Hatter Tea Party, 2-in-1 Flower, Teapot Lamp, Red Queen, 2-in-1 Guards, Sleeping Alice, 2-in-1 Paiting Rose, Smiling Feline, Swanky Caterpillar, Punctual Rabbit, Hatter, 4-in-1 Mushrooms, Self-Pouring Tea, Dodo Clock and Tweedle Dirctions.

Hatter Tea Party 2-in-1 Flower Teapot Lamp Red Queen 2-in-1 Guards
Sleeping Alice 2-in-1 Paiting Rose Smiling Feline Swanky Caterpillar Punctual Rabbit
Hatter 4-in-1 Mushrooms Self-Pouring Tea Dodo Clock Tweedle Dirctions
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Cafe World Decor List
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